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Marlene Zagon

I’ve worked with many types of organizations, from young start-ups to mature companies.  In the nineties, I, along with Ann M Morrison, started The New Leaders Institute, a consulting and research firm that established culturally positive and revenue-driving diversity programs at Fortune 1000 companies.  In the 2000s, I worked in-house at companies where I oversaw successful mergers and company acquisitions and helped to grow offices in Shanghai, Europe, Australia, and cities across the United States.  I once grew a team from 7 to 135 in less than a year.  And along the way, I’ve learned how to connect companies with the people and systems that help them grow.

That’s why I started the San Diego HR Consortium (SDHR Consortium, LLC), a group of outstanding professionals in my field, including experts in compensation, labor law, recruiting, strategic HR initiatives, and HRIS.  When you hire me, you hire my large network of professional HR contacts.  In short, we find, hire, train, and manage benefits and coaching for the talent that will bring your business to life.

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